Houzz Product Reviews, Nice Pay

I need 7-10 4 and 5 Star Reviews for a Houzz product – Profiles must be filled out and “active” will pay well for these reviews. A competitor slammed our product with fake 1 star reviews and need to counter.

If you do not have Houzz product could use VPN/Proxy, Create 10-20 profiles, have them “active” over a few weeks and leave reviews. I would pay for this.

Be a part of something big.

Whatsup world…
In the last few weeks I have found solid ground with a business I’m starting… meaning I have submitted a very well put together provisional patent application. I have created a concpet video, and have majority of my mockups completed.
I’m now ready to divulge to the right people what I have been cooking.
please be able to sign an nda.
I need people who have experience with launching start-ups and know the webdev/coding sector well…
my primary concern is the global…

Be a part of something big. ^(http://golmaalthefilm.com/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/be-a-part-of-something-big.974008/)

Do you trust on Media-Clic

Hi White, black and gray hatters

Have you ever worked with Media-clic dot org ? I’ve received an email to monetize my website with their ads, but before I give it a try I would like to know your thoughts and feedback.


Mass Planner replacement?

Anyone know of a good replacement for mass planner?

For twitter, I need a tool that scrapes hashtags and mixes up hashtags and @ targets while rescheduling and recycling old tweets.

Copywriter Needed!

Hey guys I need a good copywriter/rewriter. Job is not very difficult. I need you to make a rewrite some posts from social networks! For more information pls email me here: gerasimmax92@gmail.com

Facebook Like Jacker

Hi all

Is there any Facebook Like Jacker available online at the moment?

http://likejackninja.com/ has closed signup.

Is it only possible via custom script now days?