Need a writer [ BULK ORDERS ]

 on December 15, 2016

Hello BHW
I am looking for a writer you can write me articles I need 5-6 a day my need is increasing as each day passes.

The article is not needed to be super high quality it should be 100% unique, original and passed by copyscape and yes must be human readable.

Again this is not a money site content to grab readers attention.

The price for this will be $1.2 / 500 words

PM me if I interested. Pls don't use Skype


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 on December 15, 2016
[​IMG] ^(

When will google finally settle down after 4.0?

 on December 15, 2016


My question is; what would be your speculations on when this mother fu* settles down after this update??

Because there are still big fluctuations in the rankings all the time and I beleive ive read somewhere that the update have rolled out already??

Whats ur guess?

WordPress vs hand written code websites

 on December 15, 2016

Hi I recently have been interested in website creation bussiness but have come across a major concern. I don't know if I should be buying and tweaking WordPress themes or learning to write html+css+javascript and others. I feel like WordPress has limited functionality as to what you want a given page to look like as you can't fully edit the code to meet your desires but it's way faster that learning html for couple of years.
Mind you I'm on square 1 but not hard pressed on money as I…

WordPress vs hand written code websites ^(

Need a post from authority members on other marketing forums

 on December 15, 2016

Hey guys,

I know a lot of members maintain profiles on other marketing forums.

Im looking for some well respected members of other communities to post some content on my behalf.

Please contact me and let me know a link to your profile on any other marketing forum.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Ad Servers That Let Me Choose The Advertisers

 on December 15, 2016

Hi guys!
Is anyone here knows a service from which I can get the option to choose the advertisers that'll show ads on my site?
I want to launch a group of sites that'll send traffic to my brand's main site (blogs and education sites).

Already spoke to Admost, because I worked with them before but they said that this service is no longer available.



Looking for Automotive Guest Post and PBN

 on December 15, 2016

Looking for Automotive Guest Post and PBN.
Please PM samples and price.


Adult site ideea

 on December 15, 2016

Hello guys, long time no see :D
About 2 years ago i created an adult tube site on (Free tube sites hosting, you should look into this!!!) and the ideea of getting views was to mass upload watermarked videos on Pornhub/tube8/youporn etc.
After a while i was getting like 2-3$/week, not bad at all!! The IM dream broke after i found a real job, really hard one and i had no time at all to do IM stuff…domain name expired, someone else bought it….so frustrated,frustrated cause…

Adult site ideea ^(


 on December 15, 2016

This link placement service is for people who are interested to have their business/ services placed on high authority publications such as Huffingtonpost,, Lifehack,

Some publications accept the home page/ Product pages in the article & for others informational posts, and it also depends on the client's site.

How does it work ?

1. If the site is about gambling or adult niche I will…


Any reliable sources to Buy Non Hosted Adsense Account ?

 on December 15, 2016

Looking for non hosted adsense account

  1. Choice of my country
  2. Genuine
  3. Fast delivery