Websites Ranking Without Title And Description?

I'm noticing a lot of websites ranking for search terms that they haven't set the title and description for, where as websites with correct title and description aren't. ranking.
Do you think that google are ignoring title and description now, or even actively penalising against them?

Setting Up And Hiding A PBN Question

If I buy decent, niche related, expired domains, set them up on MY godaddy account, but with whois privacy, and host them on MY hosting account, but with diverse ip's, will the whois privacy and diverse ip's stop them being detected as my sites?

Am I sandboxed?

My website has been live for around 5 weeks now, and although multiple pages are indexed on google, search consol shows that it doesn't rank for anything.
And I mean that literally.
The homepage is optimised for "online casino download" and it has good links with that and other related anchor text, and good internal links to some pages, but not a single page ranks anywhere for anything. Not even in position 300.

I'm guessing that I've been sandboxed or penalised.
Have I, and how do I fix…

Am I sandboxed? ^(