I can’t reply on “hire a freelancer” section?

 on July 16, 2017

I just noticed today that I can't reply to any thread on "hire a freelancer" forum… why?

Journey to $5 per day with just 1 instagram account and ogads

 on May 19, 2017

Welcome to my journey thread.

I've been trying to follow the following method without much success:

The problem is, I barely make $0.20 per account which sucks. I wouldn't mind running 500 accounts and earning $100 per day IF my accounts didn't get banned.

So now the plan is different. I'll follow the same method but with less accounts and a twist. The goal is to make at least $5 with one account….

Journey to $5 per day with just 1 instagram account and ogads

How do you manage your big accounts?

 on December 21, 2016

Hey there,

I've been growing an account for the past month and I'm at ~60k followers.

I'm getting lots of likes, comments, tagging, messages, etc.

Messages is easy to manage, just read them all and reply if needed.

But what about the other things? I can't be opening every picture/video everyday to check the most recent comments…

I also turned off "pictures of you" but there's no way of accepting them 1 by 1? People constantly tag my account and I don't want them to show up…

How do you manage your big accounts?

Are the stats of my account good?

 on December 12, 2016

I started growing an instagram account (animals niche) last month. My account is at ~30k followers right now.

I get around 10-50 comments per photo and around 3k-5k likes per photo/video.

Stats of last video are:

Likes after 1 hour: ~800
Likes after 6 hours: ~2000

Just trying to see if I need to improve something or not. Thanks.