I’m thinking of building my own PBN’s

 on May 23, 2017

So I'm thinking of doing my own PBN start like buying 2-3 domains per month until I have like 20 or more.

So what I need to know how much would an regular domain cost for PBN? I know these doesnt matter but what is the limit of PBN DA/PA/TF? Like if its under 10 DA/PA its not worth it.

Also about posting. Should I manually post it like 2-3 times a week or theres any thing you use to automate it?

And hosting? Any tips about hosting those PBN?

homepage pbn?

 on May 22, 2017

I'm thinking of buying this service…cf-15-good-returns-on-your-investment.797017/ ^( . Since I saw many websites on my niches were top 3 with homepage PBN's .

But my question is what happens when my posts goes down in inner page? Will it lose its juice or anything?

And what's the difference between normal PBN backlink and homepage backlinks

what hosting should I need for adult websites?

 on May 15, 2017

Like the title says . So my name doesnt appear on whois

PBN vs Guestposts?

 on May 15, 2017

I decided to buy guestposts or pbn links (or both lol) . Lets just say I can buy only one . The have the same metrics pretty much the same RD spam free and stuff. Which one should I choose? PBN or guestpost?

I'm talking only for ranking and not traffic . Which one will help me rank more?

How many guest posts do I need for a low kw?

 on May 10, 2017

I know I can do it without guest posts but I need more links and more time and more work . I found some good websites that allow guest posts (Thanks to @back2form ^( for sharing for free , you can buy his list its a good one) so anw I'm willing to spend like 100$-200$ on guest posts to rank on that keyword.

The keyword is 19 according to ahrefs and according to kwfinder is 13. The top 10 don't look so strong mostly of them are forums and some of them are apk download…

How many guest posts do I need for a low kw? ^(

is there anyway I can find good guest posting for free?

 on May 10, 2017

I have seen many services here on BHW offering guest posts , I don't want to spend money yet on backlinks . So is there anyway I can get free guest posting? Like how can I get them? Do you guys have any toturial on how to build them?

Tips on ranking on low com. keywords?

 on May 6, 2017

I'm trying to rank on a low com. ( according to Ahrefs the difficulty is: 22) . I tried to rank with an expired domain still didn't rank . Only 1 keyword is ranking up and down others seem nowhere .

I have one other new domain which is now 1 and a half month old. And the rankings are moving up and down . 160 to 70 back to 160 and shit , its been like 2-3 weeks and everytime I refresh the keywords on serplab the move like +3 , – 3 .

The top 10 ranking are shit. The first one has a lot of…

Tips on ranking on low com. keywords? ^(

Google Rich Snippets Problem , URGENT!

 on May 5, 2017

I'm using kk star ratings for rating system and to show on google search ..

But when I search my full website it shows up like this :


But when I search I get this

Which one will be shown when users search for keywords I plan to rank for ( still haven't ranked)?
Also is there any free plugin for…

Google Rich Snippets Problem , URGENT! ^(

my video is rank #50 on youtube?

 on May 4, 2017

Well I have one video rank #5 . Now I tried to upload the same video but with some changes ( Different text , better quality) and bought views , likes , comments as usually . The video should have been now rank # 3 – 4 or at least on page 1 . But its rank #50

Is there any updates on youtube? Or my video has been flagged because its the same as the old one? I don't have a lot of money to test some other videos and see whats the problem and I was hopping if someone can help me find the reason…

my video is rank #50 on youtube? ^(

best tutorial to learn to use GSA?

 on April 29, 2017

I just bought GSA and its pretty difficult at first . I'm sure I can learn it . Can someone link me a good video that can teach me how to use it? Like a 15-20 min video . Not a 120 min video