does 301 redirect work like this?

 on June 17, 2017

Okay we all know that expired domains rank faster then the news ones but theres something bad there .. the domain name ..

Lets say my expired domain is "" and I want to rank for " Buy findget spinners" but with that domain name I won't get any clicks so that won't help me .

But what if I buy a new domain "" and do a 301 redirect like this " >…

does 301 redirect work like this?

anyone familiar with theme24x7?

 on June 15, 2017

Is anyone familiar on theme 24×7? If yes can you tell me how to upload the theme? I know I have to upload the"theme files" (inside of there is a .zip of the theme) but what about licensing demos and these others stuff? or they are not important?


How much should I wait before linking my MS on PBN

 on June 14, 2017

I have one small PBN. I have put some unique articles on all of them and now I want to start linking my MS. How much should I wait before linking it?

Should I make Readability on Yoast green?

 on June 13, 2017

Is this important for my ranking or only for a better user experiense?

What do you do for articles?

 on June 13, 2017

I have a small PBN with 5 domains . I spent a lot of money on them so I don't want to spend more money on articles for each of them. I only have 5 domains and I'm struggling for articles. I mainly write them by my self. What do you guys do? I see some people have over 30-100 domains. Do you spin your article or what?

Also how much should I wait to link my moneysite on PBNS?

Should I link big companies on my pbn?

 on June 7, 2017

I have one tech pbn and as I write articles there are news for example for Whatsapp, apple and stuff. Should I link them to look more natural or should I only link my MS when I post it?

Also linking to many websites will it lose its power?

I bought some unindexed pbns :/

 on June 6, 2017

Stupid of me .. checked everything except if they are indexed or not .. when I write none of them show up . Should I use them as pbn or rip my money?

pay monthly for a domain?

 on June 5, 2017

is there anyway I can pay monthly for a domain? I want to buy like 10-20 domains and pay 10-20$ monlthy for all year for them. Is that possible?

Or is there any other website like where you buy monthly hosting and get a free domain with it

windows vps hosting?

 on June 4, 2017

I got one good vps and I'm thinking on using it to host my pbn's. Is there any tutorial that can help me get cpanel and stuff for my vps and how to get different ips?

what do you use for pbn? (domain+hosting)

 on June 2, 2017

What do you guys use? I tried using godaddy for domain 1$ but after a week they refunded me and asked me for a verification (used some fake information) .

For my money site I use it is 3.99$ monthly(hosting+free domain). I wish I could host all my pbn's here but it will leave a huge footprint.

So what do you guys use?

Also do you know any hosting company like hosting24? That I could pay monthly for domain+hosting