Youtube Commenting software

 on July 23, 2017


whats the best youtube bot commenting software in the market? pls recommend.

Hello every one i’m new here

 on July 23, 2017

Welcome to this awesome BHW family, Read the TOS before starting any thread. I hope you will learn all you need to know here. Hopefully your projects will go well.

Wish you all success.


WTS Maxbounty Account

 on July 23, 2017

WTS Maxbounty account in good standing.

PM me

free bitcoins

 on July 23, 2017

Hi it's me again lol is there any way to generate some bitcoins for free? Like some real faucet

Is PBN work still now?

 on July 23, 2017

Is PBN work still now? If it will work can anyone give me any guide for PBN. How start from 0 to 100.



 on July 23, 2017

I'm an IT Student in Ghana, West Africa. I hope to learn more from here. Thanks

Earning on Graphic Design

 on July 23, 2017

Hi guys!

First thing, here is my portfolio:

Second thing, i probably cannot use BHW MarketPlace for selling my graphics.

Third thing, I would like to earn on my passion, because I love doing it, and I think I am pretty good in it. In portfolio there is no place for all my works, but Landing pages, web designs and other, can be made by myself too.

So… I do not know where I should start to promote my services to start earning big bucks on it.

Fiverr and…

Earning on Graphic Design

Anyone working with Stripe?

 on July 23, 2017

Implemented Stripe into one of my websites early this morning, currently only been using PP so thought it would be good to offer another payment method.

I have received 12 payments VIA Stripe today and this is the issue I'm having.

6 Completed.
6 Failed.

Can anyone explain why I'm getting so many failed payments? It doesn't really leave much info on Stripe.

It makes me think if a similar thing is actually happening with PP.

[WTB] Merch By Amazon Account

 on July 23, 2017

Pm me if you have one + Tier + your price

target facebook ads for affiliates? Good or bad?

 on July 23, 2017


is it a good idea to make money with target facebook ads as an affiliate? will people buy on social media when i send them directly to an affiliate product? I never tested it… somebody can help ? just want to make it as simple as possible to make money :)

Peter Emil