searching facebook aged (2015)

 on May 31, 2017

Good morning friends

I'm looking for a lot of Facebook accounts created in 2015.

where can i found for buy?


Best Diversity Package [Poll]

 on May 31, 2017

So why am I creating this thread because I cant go through all the marketplace seller and cant decide which is the best neither I have that much resources nor time.

Pattern to vote and Comment

Name of the service


Serp Rankings (Though it's not necessary because diversity package isnt meant for rankings)

Content score (Even if Spun)

Link scores ( Keeping in mind the overall power of the backlinks)



Comment if something can be improved.
The Poll will…

Best Diversity Package [Poll] ^(

[WTB] Legit UK based reviews Trustpilot & Google

 on May 31, 2017

Need 40+ from legit accounts

Please PM with info and offers

IRC Dead? Where’s Everyone?

 on May 31, 2017

So the IRC doesn't exist…

Where's everyone hanging these days?

All set, now how to get my 1st sale ?

 on May 31, 2017

Hi everyone,

so this my first post on this forum, as I just finished setting up my shopify website. I am selling phone cases and I've opened my shop 5 days ago, with an Instagram account for it.
Thanks to this forum, I learn how to automate most of my social media interaction (with massplanner) so I gained 449 followers in 5 days.

I put my link in Instagram bio to get more conversion. Also, I tried running a facebook ads campaign (2$ per day) just to test the water. I have 0 followers on…

All set, now how to get my 1st sale ? ^(

Terrible Service by Hendrikkk

 on May 31, 2017

Terrible Service by @hendrikkk ^( Please strictly avoid this guy!

I had ordered a mix of Indian Twitter Followers + Global Twitter Followers

1) First Delivered 500 Eggs to My Profiles When I had asked him send real profiles
2) I had paid him $1.8 for Indian Twitter Followers. But he had really shitty set of Indian followers so we agreed to mix global and indian 500 each. However, it is a well know fact that the cost of global followers is lesser than Indian followers…

Terrible Service by Hendrikkk ^(

What is this?

 on May 31, 2017

Hey quick question. I was just doing some research when one of those"you are a winner" popup appeared. It was a persistent one with a check box to kill future dialogue. ( android device btw) I've seen these before, but not since I started IM. Until today I forgot about them. I know about regular popups on android, but what is this that i saw today? If need be I'll replicate and upload screenshot.

facebook ads accounts + paypal as payment method

 on May 31, 2017

Friends can create facebook accounts + paypal as payment method, and the ads run without problem

But I would like to be able to use them in a vps with ip of colombia to be able to deliver them more easily to my clients,

Do you know of any VPS service with ip of Colombia, or a service of Proxies with ip of colombia ??

Thank you!

My skype:

fresh proxy at 31.05.2017

 on May 31, 2017

They are 100% fresh at 31.05.2017

I recommend use some checker like Switcher proxy , etc.. Cool

How to optimize adsense ads

 on May 31, 2017

Yesterday, I implemented an ad code on my blog and got over 500 pagevies with only 4 clicks. CTR 0.78%. I want all the experts here to please help me out. How do I optimize my ads? Here is a screenshot below.

View attachment 91307 ^(