Input on the best WordPress backup service in 2017?

Hi guys. Quite a few great options for a WordPress contingency option since I don't like
leaving the responsibility of it to any hosting provider.

Looking for an alternative contingency for my client sites and my own, thinking on…

– CodeGuard – the price is ok, and looks like the best option after BHW research and comparison charts from all backup services, but still asking myself if it'll be the best bang for my bucks

– BackUpBuddy – $193 one time fee or so I'll will get a developer…

Input on the best WordPress backup service in 2017? ^(

Sudden increase in traffic in a day [From 70 to 700]

Hey guys,

I just checked my google analytics today and I saw that I have got around 700 views yesterday, My site usually gets around 60-70 only since I suffered a drop in keywords in Feb, the keywords are still not at #1 but even then I got this increase in traffic and I am confused how this is happening. Upon investing further, I saw that the increase in traffic started started 3 days back, it went from usual 60-70 to 128 and then 260 and today its 700.

Anyone else experiencing the same?…

Sudden increase in traffic in a day [From 70 to 700] ^(

Inner page competing category page

Ah, so one of my sites which is like 1 year old already has about 40-50 pages.
around 7 diff categories and like 5-7 inner pages for each.
Everything is built in Siloed, interlinked to pass the maximum juice.
However, I have many inner pages that rank top 10 for example, even top 5 and sometimes it goes out of the top 300 and the category page ranking #50 or something like that.
I have some pages that have backlinks and the same situation happens and pages without backlinks, so it's not…

Inner page competing category page ^(

Using Wix, not getting traffic, need a profesional

I started a site on Wix. Not getting a ton of traffic zero sales. I am selling 300 a day on amazon about 150 weekly on etsy and 200 weekly on ebay.

I tried fiverr kept getting non english speaking couldnt get what i thought i needed. using ad words and bing $2 per day, not using full amount yet

suggestions please!

Dropshipper in Pet Supplies (+ snacks!)

Hi there Blackhatworld,

We offer a dropshipping service in Europe!
Ordered before 11:00 am, shipped the same day.

RESTFUL API available, also XML & CSV.

Accounts will be activated within 1 working day.
You need a valid EU vatnumber.

We have a 10.000m2 warehouse! So not a small company.
You can PM me for the shop or search at google: petdiscount nl , then hit the "sign up" button.


Dog baskets
Dog Crates and Cages
Dog Cushions

Dropshipper in Pet Supplies (+ snacks!) ^(

FIRST POST, NEWBIE – Mentoring Programmes, Why?

Hello there,

For the last few weeks i've been doing my research into CPA, and I've come across many people who are trying to promote their mentoring service? I was wondering, what are they gaining for their mentoring service and whether or not they're an effective way of entering this field?