Natural News Back in Google Index

I post this only because of the few threads that were floating around about it being deindexed.…enalty-natural-news-back-googles-index-270239 ^(

I did suspect that the cause was likely to be something other than simply the content that is posted on the site, so found this quite interesting. The site is now showing again – Google are claiming that they deindexed it due to a 'sneaky mobile redirect'.

I'm aware of the route…

Natural News Back in Google Index ^(

Anchor to top of the page

I am on mobile (Windows phone) and I noticed there is not (or I am blind) anchor to the top of the page, so each time I have to scroll up to the beginning of page.

Is it possible to add it?

Buy domain and launch instantly?

Im wondering if it is possible to buy a domain and host it with a custom site straight away?

I know that nameserver changes takes up to 72 hours but its confusing, when i buy a domain the nameservers are changed in an instant to the hosts parking but then it takes up to 72 hours to get it to a custom site?

Would be nice to get it to a wordpress host straight away, at hosts like namecheap. Is this possible?

Shopify/WooCommerce without Paypal

Hey Everyone,

I have been blacklisted from Paypal for an extended period of time already. However, this has not exactly stopped me from wanting to enter internet marketing. As of a result, before I begin developing my store I would like to know is it still possible to enter the business without PayPal? Or is that simply wishful thinking?

Java + Selenium Keyword Bot (Need Help)

Hello Everyone :)
I am looking for some help with my very simple keyword bot.

It seems to work perfectly except for one issue:
When It closes the driver and tries to restart using the proxy information I give it it starts without the proxy.

Any help would be wonderful, I think it should be pretty simple

import java.nio.charset.StandardCharsets;
import java.nio.file.FileSystems;
import java.nio.file.Files;
import java.nio.file.Path;

Java + Selenium Keyword Bot (Need Help) ^(

Need massplanner expert/consultant

Please pm me with rates and experience. I have a lot of knowledge on it but am not a full expert yet however i need someone to run day to day with my resources who will build multiple accounts for you, i am looking to manage hudnreds of accounts and also understand how to leverage them.

FREE 1000 YouTube VIEWS

Hi guys for celeberating our archievement to make a system that can increase youtube views automatically.

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Make money with my skillset

Hey BHW, long time lurker here, but I finally decided to join and be active. I am not new in the IM scene. I have been doing some blackhat stuff for the last years, but now I'm looking to jump into some new stuff. I read a lot of threads here, but I'm having a hard time to choose a method or something. I would appreciate if you could help me.

I have a very good repertoire of skills. My strongest point would be spamming ( email marketing ) , but I can also code/design, have worked on…

Make money with my skillset ^(