[METHOD] Belts On Instagram [HOT]

Any body can do this….EASY MONEY!!

Go to hip hop celebrities instagram accounts…for example….soulja boy…..even popular producers….and tell them your selling designer belts…..for a discounted price………before doing this setup a KIK because in your post that you will be spamming to celebs IG's you will want to tell them to contact you via kik in order to talk business. Make sure your page has pictures of designer belts like gucci belts louis vuitton….salvator…

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How much time do you take off for Christmas?

Scrooge warning…………

It frustrates me every year when it comes to Christmas time and everyone seems to grind to a halt – examples:

  • I have ordered display advertising from a couple of websites – put in a firm order over the phone and they said they would email me invoice etc. Not heard back for few days.
  • Asked for information on a new product for my IT Support Biz – they were going to email me details, pricing etc. Not heard back.

Some other stuff as well but I…

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Will I get downloads?

Want to upload some of my files to as many file sharings as possible (now can upload to around 200 sites), do you think that it will bring me many downloads?

Residential IP for surveys

Hi there,i am in search of residential ips that I can use for survey sites like Swagbucks, Opinion Outpost, SurveyJunkie. Can anyone offer me a service that works 100% in these kind of sites?
I will only be using the proxies for surveying. Any suggestions, please help a brother here. Thanks

Amazon Affiliate Query – Using Adsense

Hey guys, I've read in a lot of articles that using Adsense in addition to Amazon Affiliate ads is a bad idea, mainly for the following reasons:

Having more ads causes the users to dislike the page more
Any clicks to Adsense ads might take away a potential buyer

So this seems reasonable and while I'm sure some people have both with no issues I believe it's a general rule of thumb at the very least for someone starting out.

However on my site I intend to write articles that…

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