My Youtube Channel Was Suddenly Deleted

I had more than 400k views

Where one of the video was viral

my channel was generating approx $1000 a month.

I used a copyright video and was able to monetize it.

I never received any community strikes or copyright strikes.

And suddenly my channel was deleted overnight

I had $150 already in my account.

My channel never received any copyright and was still deleted without any notification.

I don't know what may happened suddenly.

But what can I do now……..

Best Facebook account creator ?

Hello , i want to create thousand of facebook account & i want a facebook account creator bot .
I need a bot that i put a list of first name & a list of last name , like accounts dominator that I am trying those days but it didn't work for me yet (paid version 9$/month)
Friend bomber at 199 + 99$/month is too expensive for me :(
what are the best Facebook accounts creator ? including free & commercial

Tired of malware in my websites


I hired guy for 50$ per annum for security but he fixes malware one day and it comes again next day.
I am tired of it. none of my website is safe, i changed hosting to fix it again its haunting me in another hosting.
i am using shared hosting.
I have invested lot of money in my sites with no returns coming now fucked up with malwares.

Can someone help me ?


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Fiverr Review Exchange (Active!)

Hey guys, I am opening up a Skype group fully dedicated to Fiverr reviews exchange. There are already a number of members in the group and most are very active as well. Please add me at kogyo23

Fiverr Review Exchange

I would like to trade gig for a gig. To boost yours and mine rating on fiverr!

-Your fiverr account must be older than 2 months
-After the gig wait about a 5 hours to 1 day to complete
-Leave positive feedback
Cant PM So
Add me on Skype: PuksonK