pinterest bot

Anyone here sells the pinterest bot? I know there are tons of pinterest bots selling in the markets,i.e pinblaster,pinpioneer,ninjapinner and pinpal bot.

But I wanna handle more than 50 accounts each time with.without proxy. The bot can re-pin/upload …

pinterest bot


I know there are a lot of pinterest bots out there. I myself use ninjapinner. But ninjapinner can only log onto and pin from one account at a time. I need to know if there is a pinterest bot which can log into and post to multiple pinterest acc…

Diversified Journey to $200/day

Hi everyone! First time poster but long time lurker here. I’ve been really inspired by all of your stories, so I figured that I would post my own and keep it updated along this journey in order to maybe inspire some other people in the future.

I’m also hoping that this will keep me on track and keep me motivated to keep going.

Anyway, some background on me:
I’m a high school senior. I have had enough success in online businesses to always have enough money to do whatever I want, without…

Diversified Journey to $200/day ^(

abdul jalal from Pakistan

Hello Everyone.,

I am Abdul Jalal M.E (Civil Engineer), I have done several construction projects in Arab countries.
Currently I LIVE in United States, Miami for a new project.

I travel World.. Nice to Meet you all, Anyone from Pakistan ?

Abdul Jalal

How to build links pointing to a PBN?


So I’m setting up my PBN but what kind of links should I build to link to the PBN blogs for long term? (PS : don’t tell me 2.0s, it’s so vague)

GSA & co, mass spinned articles, comments and profiles seems to spammy what’s the point if your pbn blog gets de-indexed in no time? You spent $$ and time on the content and domain for nothing.

Manual link building is just too long on multiple PBN blogs if you manage a lot right? Or is there some middle ground or shortcuts?

Pinterest bot

what would you suggest as the best pinterest bot around right now. A panel that ran on its own server would be great but im open to suggestion

Pinterest Bot

Hi Blackhatters,

I did some research on a good bot for Pinterest and I already found some potential bots, do you guys know or can recommend any bot which works good for you? I am just for one that can increase my following!

Pinterest bot

I am looking for advice in terms of choosing a free or relatively cheap bot for making repins, comments, and pins. Could you give me some examples of such bots?